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Сrypto and blockchain are becoming popular among those people who did not even know about digital money before. What attracts them to invest in cryptocurrencies? All the matter is in the market volatility. This field’s instability allows investors to make enormous incomes from buying cryptocurrency and selling it at different crypto prices.

One of the main rules of crypto investment is diversification. While the mega-cap assets (Ethereum, Bitcoin) are excellent for long-term investments, middle and small-cap coins allow capitalizing in much shorter terms. All because of their high volatility. Compared with mega-cap currencies, low-cap assets are much more sensitive to market trends than mega-cap currencies, so they are more likely to skyrocket when it grows and drop when it falls.

In this article, we will talk about how to pick a worthy crypto, discuss the LINK token in particular, mention the Chainlink price and tell its forecast.

Picking a Crypto Asset

Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Pay attention to the technology at the core of the asset.
  • What is the reputation of the project’s developers?
  • Does the platform work smoothly?

Why do we offer to invest in Chainlink? The answer is its application and technology. The platform provides the connection between real-life businesses with blockchain technologies (bridging them with the Ethereum and Solana networks) through smart contracts. At the same time, the platform ensures safety and smooth work.

As of mid-January 2023, the LINK price is $6.76. The capitalization exceeds $3 billion. Experts believe the LINK value will grow to around $100 by 2028.

If you want to buy crypto LINK, welcome to the WhiteBIT exchange – a reliable European platform for crypto investments and trading. The exchange offers relevant cryptocurrency prices and low fees, which are fixed for all operations. You can buy LINK on the spot market and use the WhiteBIT converter or any other trading tool. Use the demo account to understand how the platform works and handle the main functions.


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