Interview Fast Company Jaeyeon Jung

Jaeyeon Jung, VP and head of Samsung Mobile Communications Business, talks about the latest SmartThings features and services. This includes the new Galaxy SmartTag, which helps you track and locate your valuables with Bixby.

For example, in a hospital, it is important to know where certain equipment goes after use. The SmartTag enables you to track this information and locate it instantly, preventing accidents from happening. Here we will discuss everything about Interview Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Smarttag Smartthings.

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Shop-Igniter application

ShopIgniter powers online storefronts for retailers on Facebook, offering group based promotions, private access sales and other social commerce tools. The Portland company was among the first of its kind to take on the burgeoning social network and has raised $8 million in three rounds from investors including Madrona Venture Group and Trinity Ventures.

A new era of online marketing is emerging with social, mobile and video increasingly driving consumer engagement and brand outcomes. That’s why Seattle video ad firm Mixpo recently acquired Portland-based ShopIgniter, whose technology delivers and manages social media advertising campaigns in social streams that drive consumer and business performance across networks and devices.

The Portland startup’s platform was developed by Matt Compton, formerly the vice president of Yahoo’s social and mobile business, and it has been used by Target, Ford, Disney, Sony Music and other brands. Its platform allows marketers to deliver and manage ad campaigns in social mobile streams, bringing them to consumers in real time, converting them to customers and capturing customer data to optimize and measure ROI.

Unlike many other e-commerce apps, the company’s software is extensible to support other retail sites, including its own, plus the Facebook and Instagram stores. It also offers a number of other features, including product reviews, private access sales and online coupons.

It’s also been used to power socially-branded applications on a variety of platforms, from a Nike golf site to a CafePress store. It’s powered by a cloud-based merchandising and content management system with social integration.

In addition to the company’s e-commerce capabilities, it also offers a branded app for Facebook that allows users to post reviews and complete a transaction directly within the application. The application also helps with tracking promotions and loyalty incentives, along with online coupons and group based sales.

Smartthings is the company’s home-automation hub and a dongle that connects to smart TVs, monitors, and Family Hub refrigerators with the SmartThings app on Android. It’s not yet Matter certified, but Jung says that Samsung will update its v2 and v3 SmartThings hubs with over-the-air updates to support Matter at a later date.

Item Scanner application

An app that helps you manage inventory, the Item Scanner application is a great way to keep track of your goods and get notifications when there’s an issue with stock. Featuring an intuitive interface that’s easy to use, this app is designed for inventory managers who want to track their products without having to manually input data.

The app works by scanning barcodes to capture information about items, such as product details, prices, inventory counts and images of the item. The app also allows you to sort and categorize your items by type or location for better organization.

You can then create custom reports and export them to CSV or XML files for further use. This app also supports a cloud-based database, so you can access inventory data from multiple devices at any time.

Unlike many other inventory scanner apps, this one has a simple user interface that makes it easy to navigate and operate. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to scan barcodes for inventory management purposes, but it does come with a few drawbacks.

It’s free to download, but it does come with ads on the dashboard that some users find annoying. It has a few other features, too, like contact and address management, QR codes, Geo Codes, Calendar Barcodes and more.

There’s a free version and a paid pro version, and it also has a free trial period for those who are curious to see how it works. The app is pretty straightforward, and users love that it’s able to scan all kinds of barcodes, including vCards, MECARDs, text and other codes.

The app is also a great resource for finding out more about products and where to purchase them. It can help you compare the price of a specific item across multiple stores.

The app also lets you store items in a list, which can make them easier to locate later on. This is a handy feature for those who have large numbers of items that they’re interested in keeping track of, such as books and DVDs. It can even be used to track items that aren’t for sale, such as collectibles.

Cosmic System SmartTag

Previously known as Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung’s new Cosmic System SmartTag is the latest addition to their SmartThings ecosystem. Using Bluetooth low energy, this tiny $30 device can track items and discreetly relay their location to a nearby phone owned by you or someone else in the network. It does this via a combination of the Samsung Shop-Igniter application and the Item Scanner application. The applications both continuously communicate with the Cosmic System SmartTag to provide information on the item’s status and progress, so they can help you locate it if you misplace it or if you need to check on its condition or repair it.


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