Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has seen constant growth in activity on the chain and use. What does this really mean for the numbers? The great thing about blockchains that are public is that they’re… they are, well they are public. You can monitor the development yourself.

Are you keen to monitor BSC metrics, but aren’t sure how to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide to starting with the BscScan block Explorer. So, you can monitor the development of the Binance Smart Chain.

Blockchain explorers have a vital role in any cryptocurrency. The team behind Etherscan created BscScan which is the Binance Smart Chain’s blockchain explorer. This tool’s functionality is expanding and the block explorer label does not cover all of its capabilities.

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What is BscScan?

BscScan has a core that is similar to any other cryptocurrency explorer. You can search the menus and use the search bar at top to find wallet addresses, transactions and smart contract . It is easy to learn more about Binance Smart Chain.

BscScan’s visual interface is very similar to Etherscan’s, since both services were created by the same team. To make the platform accessible to novices, there aren’t any unnecessary bells and whistles. The blockchain explorer is constantly improving its functionality and adding new features to make it more useful for its users.

Everyone has transparent access to the ecosystem by indexing the BinanceSmart Chain and making it searchable via a user interface.

It is possible to create an account on BscScan in the same way as Etherscan. Although it is not necessary to access the functionality, developers may find it useful. BscScan is not a wallet services, so users will need to look for other solutions. You can however connect existing wallets, such as MetaMask and TrustWallet, to BscScan.

How do I find transactions on BSCScan

BscScan can be used to look up transactions. It is similar to other block explorers. The transaction ID and any wallet addresses associated with a transaction will give you the results you need. Once you have entered the information into the search box, BSCScan will query the details – including the transaction amount, date and block number as well as transaction fees and status.

The BNB Binance Coin – and USD values will determine the balance that users will see when they enter information to create a wallet address. BscScan supports ERC-721 token balances. These can be found under “Token”

Searching for Transactions using ID or Hash

It is very common to use the Transaction Hash to look up transactions in BscScan. This is a string consisting of numbers and letters that tracks the status of Binance Smart Chain transactions. BscScan offers many useful information by entering a Transaction Hash.

  • Status of transaction: Transactions will be either pending, successful or failed.
  • Block height: This is a network identifier that confirms when miners have recorded the transaction on the Blockchain
  • Value of transaction: Displayed in BNB or USD
  • The transaction fee is a cost-effective way to see how much it was to make a transaction on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Private note: Senders may include a private message along with their transaction. This is visible to BscScan users once they log in to their account.

These details are essential aspects of the transparent nature blockchain technology. In this case, Binance Smart Chain.

What is the Validator Leaderboard and how does it work?

The Binance Smart Chain, unlike other proof of-stake Blockchains that require user nodes to validate transactions, requires validators. There are currently 43 validators in this ecosystem. This indicates that there is some centralization. Each validator also has voting power as indicated by how many BNB they have.

The block header shows when the validator became active. Users also have the ability to see the last block that they validated on their validator leaderboard. The leaderboard also shows the number of blocks that validators have processed over the last day, week and month. It also indicates whether validators are still active on this network.

BNB staked top 21 validators will be selected to become active validators. BscScan holds the most voting power and is the largest validator, with 745 525 BNB staked. Holders can transfer their BNB to BscScan, and earn 13.8% APR .

The Yield Farms List

The Binance Smart Chain, similar to Ethereum, is home to many decentralized finance projects. Yield farmingis an important aspect of DeFi. BscScan allows users to find the most current list of options. The list was not yet populated at the time of writing despite numerous yield farming opportunities available on the blockchain. Although the yield farms list is new, it may not yet be fully implemented.

BEP-20 and ERC-721 Tokens

Two types of tokens are supported by the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem: the BEP-20 variant which is natively on this blockchain and Ethereum’s ERC-721 version.

Track top tokens, prices and market caps. You can also check if the asset is cross-chain compatible. As blockchain interoperability is an issue that third-generation blockchains are trying to solve, the ability to transfer value across multiple blockchains is growing in popularity every quarter.

ERC-721 tokens can be used across multiple chains. This is why it is important to support them. Some projects might issue half their tokens on one ecosystem and the other half on another. BscScan can track over 5,200 ERC-721 token contract contracts, making it a fascinating scenario.

What does “Verify Contract” do?

Smart contracts are supported by the Binance Smart Chain. BscScan users can verify any contract address and check if it is identical to the one running on the blockchain. It is useful to allow users to independently audit code and verify it.

Are BSCscans Compatible with NFTs

BscScan allows users to track ERC-721 tokens. It is compatible with nonfungible tokens or NFTs. Binance Smart Chain, like Ethereum, is home to many NFT-oriented projects. It has lower fees, higher efficiency and throughput. BscScan allows users to look up their NFTs through their transaction hash, NFT Smart Contract, or wallet address.

The blockchain explorer cannot however display the art contained in the non-fungible token. To view the artwork, users will need to connect with a marketplace or another service provider that supports the NFT token standard. BscScan however will show the token ID, NFT project, transaction history and interaction with the smart contracts.

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