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The world is drastically changing in almost every field, but specifically, the country has seen some incredible changes in the automotive industry that triggered the development in emerging markets, the rise in new technologies and sustainable policies, and changing consumer preference around ownership. The evolution of this industry is the reason that many institutions started online automotive design courses.

The designing of automobiles requires creative thinking by application of areas of industrial design, environmental design, graphic design, architectural design, etc. Industrial design is the most important application as it includes various fields, for instance, transportation, medical, industry, glass, car design, etc.

Past car designs in India

The first car in India ran on Indian road in 1897 for the first time. At that time, there were less number of cars in the country. The first automotive industry that emerged in India was Hindustan Motors, launched in 1942. This was a huge competition with Premier in 1944 by building fantastic car designs of Chrysler, Dodge, and Fiat.

The present car designs in India

According to the environmental changes in the country, the automotive industry realises to change the designs of the cars. At present, the car designs are equipped with a renewable energy source. Presently, the car designs are much more reliable, long-lasting, more efficient, and, most importantly, environment friendly than old vehicles. However, these designs were affecting the human race by global warming and reducing fossil fuels. These drastic negative changes in the atmosphere are the new evolution of car designs in the 21st century. For instance, the electric cars designed by Tesla.

Future of car designs in India

The automotive industry is drastically changing with environment-friendly changes. Thus, the popularity of automotive vehicle courses is also increasing for students.

In the next century, we may see hybrid, electric hybrid, and electric cars soon in the country. In the future, it is possible to see all-electric and fuel cell cars running on the road. Besides the fuel thing, there will be many advanced features like artificial intelligence control, adjusting the driving level, self-driving cars, predictive maintenance, driver recognition, etc.

People may also start using self-driving cars under Tesla’s leadership with fully autonomous features in the future. On the other hand, the new car designs may remind us to go back to nature with highly advanced technology.

It is also possible that we experience customised cars for different age groups, genders, characters, and special demands of the driver. The car design industry may also use advanced technologies and tools to increase the efficiency and performance of the car with great visual impact on people with incredible interior design.


The future of car design is worth waiting for and will stun the human race with fantastic advanced features. As per the reports, the expected market for electric cars is going to be around 475 billion by the year 2025. However, Tesla is successfully working towards the electric car and introducing new models out of his creativity.


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