Sensi Poopcoin

The first major move in the evolution of the Sensi Poopcoin token is the expansion of its rewards pool. Currently, 1% of every transaction is donated to charity. Therefore, for every $10M of trading volume, $100k will be donated to charity. Additionally, the rewards pool will grow from 7T to 25T tokens. This increase in rewards pool size ensures that the token rewards will continue for a longer time. The old Sensible contract had a circulating supply of 250T tokens, which meant that sites like Bog couldn’t list an accurate market cap.

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Smart staking

The Santa Elon Team, a cryptocurrency development team, has introduced a new staking farm, the Harmonized App, which allows Poocoin token holders to earn high interest rates on their holdings. The team has noticed an incredible impact in the liquidity of this cryptocurrency and hopes to continue the momentum by bringing in more staking providers. But how does this new platform work? Here are some important details that you should know.

Smart Yield integration with NFTs

This is a great idea for the cryptocurrency. Smart yields allow investors to earn profits from the asset. They work well with existing NFTs and FTs, and they’ll be a great addition to the cryptocurrency world. The Smart Yield integration with NFTs will also allow investors to earn money in their chosen currencies. However, there are some concerns regarding this new integration.

First of all, it’s important to be aware of scammers. If you’re using Bitcoin to buy a cryptocurrency, be sure to check the transaction history. Another thing to look out for is a ‘BTC wallet’ that requires you to pay in Bitcoin or another crypto-currency. Many users of cryptocurrency exchanges have been scammed by companies that ask them to pay in Bitcoin.


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