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More recently, the Bitcoin rate has fallen below $18,000 for the first time since November 2020. For investors, this was a signal to buy an asset. In mid-June, industry monitoring recorded 12.96 thousand daily deals with a volume of more than $100 thousand each. The last time such activity was noted in May 2021 against the background of the growth of BTC to $63 thousand.

Observers also showed interest in savings among smaller investors. Holders of wallets with assets up to 0.1 BTC have made an all-time record 10.1 million transactions. However, the depreciation of bitcoin resulted in a sharp drop in profitability for miners – from 0.13 USD/day for 1 TH/s to 0.08 USD/day for 1 TH/s. To cover operating expenses, representatives of the extractive industry were forced to sell 18.25 thousand BTC, intensifying the downward price rally.

At the end of June, the fear and greed index was at an extremely low value – around 10. Against the backdrop of general pessimistic market sentiment, some cryptocurrencies from the top 100 by capitalization showed unexpected growth. In this article, we will talk about the most profitable and not profitable types of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency continues to gain momentum every day. Today, with its help, you can already pay on many sites and even place bets – you can learn more about this at https://www.playamo.com/en-ZA/games/live-casino.

Top 5 coins with the best yield

Recently, 18 cryptocurrencies from the first hundred by capitalization have brought profit to investors. The growth range was 0.1-162.4%.

In May, the collapse of one of the most capitalized Terra ecosystems with UST and LUNA coins shocked the cryptocurrency market. Panic sentiment reinforced the overall downtrend. To rehabilitate the project, the developers restarted the blockchain. As a result, the new LUNA entered the market. The compromised coins remained in the old network and received the Classic prefix.

Analysts attribute the rise of USTC to the launch of the Starship metaverse. The developers have stated that they will accept LUNC and burn 1.2% of USTC tokens received as payment. By the end of June, the average daily trading volume of the asset increased to $1.3 billion. Capitalization increased to $703.69 million.

In second place in terms of profitability was the Titan Swap coin (TITAN). In 30 days, the native cryptocurrency of the same name DEX has risen in price by 99.4% (from $2.51 to $4.94). The capitalization of the asset increased to 494.12 million, the trading volume – 527.48 thousand rubles.

In 3rd place in the list of the most profitable cryptocurrencies is Tenset (10SET). The native platform of the token works similarly to a hedge fund, but it is based on a new investment model. A high and stable return on investment is ensured by placing capital in one asset that combines all the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio. Tenset is a deflationary token. In June, the asset price increased by 34.9% (from $2.89 to $3.71). Capitalization increased to $711.47 million.

The top 5 cryptocurrencies by growth also included:

  • Helium (HNT) – price increased by 31.5%.
  • Waves (WAVES) — the coin has risen in price by 18.6%.

Top 5 unprofitable cryptocurrencies

Most of the top coins fell in price by 28-55.5% at the beginning of the summer. Bitcoin lost 31.9% of its value in 30 days, pulling the rest of the assets with it.

DeFiChain is used on the network of the same name to pay for transfers, betting, lending, creating tokens, and voting. At the beginning of the summer, the asset traded for $2.29. However, by the end of June, the price dropped to $0.96. Market capitalization of DFI decreased to $525.25 million.

The second in the list of losers was the Chain (XCN) token. Over the month, the price of the cryptocurrency sank by 50.2% (from $0.18 to $0.08). Blockchain Chain allows companies to create high-quality financial services from scratch. XCN acts as a governance token. The project is supported by large investors (Capital One, Nasdaq) and a strong community. However, in June, against the backdrop of a significant depreciation, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency decreased to $1.87 billion.

The top three performing assets are Klaytn (KLAY). It was released by Ground X to reward users for creating blocks in the network of the same name. Over the past 30 days, the price of KLAY has fallen by 45.9% (from $0.43 to $0.23). The total value of coins in circulation decreased to $680.84 million.

The list of the largest losses also included:

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – the asset lost 43.2% of the price.
  • BitDAO (BIT) — the cryptocurrency fell by 41.9%.


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