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Luffy is building a digital currency ecosystem for anime fans. Whether it is a non-transferable token market (NFT), crypto gaming, or a decentralized financial instrument (DeFi), the platform is looking to become the leading anime token. Only two products have been released, although there are many more in the works. 

Following the recent downtrend, forecasters are split on whether they can become a force reckoned with in their particular industry. But luffy inu has revealed many new products in progress. A marketplace for anime NFTs will launch at the end of Q3 2022, where investors can purchase artwork on the Ethereum blockchain.

Luffy token:

The LUFFY Coin was created to be the core utility of this bustling ecosystem. It was originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain, primarily for security and reliability. Since its inception in 2021, LUFFY has expanded into Binance Smart Chain (BNC).

It is also designed as a deflationary digital currency because there is a large and constant burning supply. Nearly a third of the total supply was destroyed at launch, with another 2% of all transaction fees going to holders. This includes the Bern wallet.

A total fee of 6% will be charged for all transactions, including the part sent to burn another 4% will be divided by liquidity and market. LUFFY’s value continued to decline in the first quarter of 2022, but it could withstand the crypto meltdown quite well. 

Community benefits of SafeSun:

100% community driven:

The SafeSun project is 100% community driven. BSC tokens are 100% fair launched with no pre-sales, And it will be the same for launching ERC20 on UniSwap. The community is fair, and the team hosts weekly AMA sessions on Twitch where all questions will be answered. The development team also abandoned the wallet before it was released, and this project is supported by the entire SafeSun community.

Hold and get SafeSun:

Tokens allow you to earn SafeSun by simply holding coins in your wallet. There is a 4% tax on every transaction made, and 2% of all transaction fees in the network are allocated to the token holder. 2% is sent to a dedicated dead wallet address where over 60% of the tokens are burned and burned continuously with every transaction.

SafeSun started with $1 trillion in supply, and over 60% was burned to less than the 392 billion circulating in current supply for UniSwap’s BSC ERC20 SafeSun will be launched with the same number of coins burned and the same number in circulation.

Safe and immutable:

SafeSun is a BEP-20-compliant token based on the Binance Smart Chain, making it immutable and secure. The team has locked in liquidity for three years and has been launched completely fair. The same will work for the ERC20 release.

Investing in proprietary projects with real-world objectives:

The SafeSun team has a detailed plan for all ongoing projects and updates the community daily on new developments. This means that investors can take advantage of young companies that are likely still in their early stages.

Bitmart’s options are also quite simple. You need to have cryptocurrency or USDT in Bitmart, and then you can trade safesun coin freely like any other coin in regular centralized exchange by placing buy and sell orders.


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